Feed Your Bird


It’s feeding time… Feed the bird before it starves!



There is a bird trapped in a cage without food, desperately in need of your help before it starves. Feed Your Bird, a fun and logically challenging game, that aims to release this hungry bird from a cage. You will be given different objects that can be dropped from different angles to crush the cage. The trajectories of the objects will not only invoke your physics of projectile motion but will also need your intuition. It is that simple but that is what makes it interesting.
There’s no single method applicable to crush the cage – the progression will depend on your choices, each with a mounting difficulty after every level. Furthermore, there are four distinct levels in fifteen stages, each requiring a different thinking hat.

The themes have been designed to complement the whole scenario with better graphics. The background music is sure to get your blood pulsating, ensuring a fascinating and worthwhile playtime for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking to deoxidise any rust up there or to polish the thinking skills of your child, this game might just be your next favorite.


In case you get stuck, there are visual aids to help you get through. After completing one level, the game will walk you through the physics of the whole level, focusing what should’ve been done and should’ve been avoided.
Check the game out if you’re in for a brain-teaser!


Features of the game

  • Fast and Easy Access!
    Even with a slow Internet connection downloading the game is a matter of minutes!
  •  Dozens of Levels
    The puzzle game comprises of fifteen stages. Each stage further consists of four levels; hence variety of levels seals the deal. First three stages are free to play and all others are at cost of one dollar.
  •  Players skills
    By playing this unique game physics, players can enhance variety of skills such as logic, physics and even common sense in some cases.
  •  Hints to clear levels
    All levels have automated game play that helps the player to clear impossible levels. Hints are played in real time environment to maintain the reality of logics in every level. So, buy hints, clear the level and move onwards.
  •  The never ending retry option
    Players can retry a level as many times as they want without penalty, leaving them free to experiment with different strategies until they’ve mastered the level.
  • Fascinating Themes Visit cities, deserts, farms and much more – the beautifully designed themes of Feed your Bird are impressive and fascinating, making it just one more reason to play and enjoy.
  • Feed your Bird is all about fun. Its purpose is to welcome and gather thousands of players, creating an extremely rich gaming environment.